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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Weird

"Meet. The Weird. A sub line collection that fulled of colour and
pattern with a good fitted cut."

Fucshia Blue Batik Top - IDR 190 (OUT OF STOCK)

Little Flower Maxi Dress - IDR 195 (OUT OF STOCK)

Tangerine Maxi Skirt - IDR 175 (OUT OF STOCK)

Colourful Flowery Outerwear - IDR 180 (OUT OF STOCK)

Scallop Flowery Outerwear - IDR 190 (OUT OF STOCK)

Aztec Collar Shirt - IDR 180 (OUT OF STOCK)

Brown Batik Collar Shirt - IDR 185 (OUT OF STOCK)

Flowery Beige Collar Shirt - IDr 180 (OUT OF STOCK)
"Meet The Aneh.. Sebuah koleksi baris sub yang fulled warna dan pola dengan potongan dipasang baik."


Henny Vitri said...

such a lovely collection! LOVE!

Sishi Semet said...

great collection! love the prints and multiway blouse, also the tangerine skirt. fresh!

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