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Friday, January 13, 2012

P.Y.T 3rd Collection: ANIMALIA


Inspired by Animal, Human and Earth, this collection are bringing back "ANIMALIA", the taxonomic kingdom comprising all animals. We are using choices of fabric and colours that will bringing back an "ANIMALIA" inside us, such as black colours represent the animal, beige & pastel represent the earth tone and white represent the human. Animalia collection are collaborate with talented accessories designer ENIGMA that will designing necklaces and ring with a touch of ANIMALIA.

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Special thanks to:
Photographer - Gregorius A. Andre (08176501158)
Creative Designer & Illustrator - Fransiska Eka V.
Stylist - Nike Andriana
Ass. Stylist: Helmi Hazairiin
Our Models - Laura Marsellina, Nike Andriana & Raditya Sandy

FREE P.Y.T MASK for every purchase of ANIMALIA Product.
You can wear it Black & White or coloured it whatever you want


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